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Business Dynamics
BusinessDynamics is a business education and enterprise charity that aims to bring business to life for young people ... to the opportunities and challenges of business as well as improving their key skills in preparation for the world of work.

Journal of International Business Studies
JIBS is the official publication of the Academy of International Business, publishing papers of significant interest that contribute to the theoretical basis of business and management studies.

S-Cool! - AS & A2 Level Business Studies
Revision and teaching material for AS & A2 Level Business Studies, hints and tips for students at school in the UK.

Definition of e-business - What is E-business?
e-Business is the term used to describe the information systems and applications that support and drive business processes, most often using web technologies.

BBC - Schools - 16+ Business Studies
Comprehensive listings of learning resources for AS and A level students in Business Studies.

GCSE Business Studies Revision Notes
Tutor2u is the leading freely available internet service for students, teachers and lecturers in business, management, and other subjects.

UK Business Park
Provides comprehensive information on UK business activity, including news on acquisitions, new projects, expansion plans, strategy and major new products.

Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library resources have been selected and classified by librarians, to ensure quality as well as free access.

Investment and Business News
Investment and Business News tries to explain economics, and what?s going on in the economy, to the layperson.

Determined To Succeed
Provides information and practical resources on enterprise in education for teachers, businesses and local authorities

Website Builder
Create a Website Quickly & Easily

Rosalind Millam Early Years
Training and Consultancy

Wheat Mentor Support Trust

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