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Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care
This textbook is developed to ensure best practice and quality care based on the latest evidence, and to address inconsistencies in how clinical health care skills are taught and practised in the clinical setting to address processes for clinical skills.

Handbook of Life Course Health Development
This book covers Health development science; Developmental origins of chronic illnesses; Community; Diabetes; Autism; Obesity; Nutrition; Health disparities across the lifespan.

Anatomy and Physiology 2nd Edition
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd edition is developed to meet the scope and sequence for a two-semester human anatomy and physiology course for life science and allied health majors.

Veterinary Preventive Medicine
This textbook explores the component of veterinary training not only to ensure animal health but also to help veterinary students learn necessary information and skills for participation in global animal disease prevention.

Epidemiology is an openly licensed text designed for medical degree?seeking clinical students without a prior background in public health aiming to provide students with the basics of epidemiology terms and concepts to guide medical school students.

Radiobiology Textbook
This open access textbook focuses on the various aspects of radiobiology. The goal of radiobiological research is to better understand the effects of radiation exposure at the cellular and molecular levels in order to determine the impact on health.

Human Reproduction: A Clinical Approach
This open textbook is designed to provide a deep understanding of the biological and biomedical aspects of human reproduction, covering a wide range of topics from basic reproductive biology to clinical applications.

Overview of Healthcare Compliance
This book explores the rules, regulations, and legislation are also constantly changing, making healthcare compliance a challenge.

Behaviour, Development and Evolution
This book has relevance not only for our scientific approaches to the systems of development and evolution, but also on how humans change institutional rules that have become dysfunctional, or design public health measures affects people.

Introduction to Soil Science
This textbook introduces readers to the basics of soil science, including the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils; soil formation, classification, and global distribution; soil health, soils and humanity and sustainable land management.

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