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Liberal Democracy: Prosperity through Freedom
This book aims to show which factors have been decisive in the rise of successful countries to economic prosperity that set economic rules promoting competition, which in turn leads to innovation, research and enormous productivity.

Share Voices: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropologyesearch
This book attempts to address the lack of current, reliable, and relevant resources for introductory anthropology courses that center equity and anti-racism.

Anthropology of Transformation: From Europe to Asia and Back
This collection of essays is the result of the joint efforts of colleagues and students of the leading social anthropology and post-socialism theorist, Professor Chris Hann, focusing on ethnographic study and on the gradual evolution of social relations.

Human Evolutionary Demography
This edited volume provides a much-needed, interdisciplinary introduction to the field and highlights cutting-edge research for interested readers and researchers in demography, the evolutionary behavioural sciences, biology, and related disciplines.

Warlike and Peaceful Societies: The Interaction of Genes and Culture
This book presents a ground-breaking new argument that explains the existence of differently organised societies using evolutionary theory. It combines natural sciences and social sciences in a way that is rarely seen.

Human Cultures through the Scientific Lens
This volume brings together a collection of seven articles previously published by the author, with a new introduction reframing the articles in the context of past and present questions in anthropology, psychology and human evolution.

Cultural Heritage Ethics
This book bridges the gap between theory and practice by bringing together a stellar cast of academics, activists, consultants, journalists, lawyers, and museum practitioners, each contributing their expertise to the wider debate of cultural heritage.

Natural Resources Sustainability: An introductory synthesis
This book focuses upon the dilemma of environmental sustainability, geography and the emergent field of ecological economy are emphasized in a trans-disciplinary framework to inform the essentials of natural resource and environmental issues.

Introduction to Diversity Studies
This textbook includes 5 chapters from Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World (originally numbered 3-5, 8, and 17) and 5 chapters of Social Problems: Continuity and Change (originally numbered 2-6).

Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity: Cross-National Perspectives in Classifications and Identity Politics
This book examines the question of collecting and disseminating data on ethnicity and race to describe characteristics of ethnic and racial groups, identify factors of social and economic integration and implement policies to redress discrimination.

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