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Free online English reference guide, dictionary, Almanac, medical, atlas, legal, business and financial resources.

Information Technology Encyclopedia and references online. Definitions on thousands of the most current IT / computer related words.

HTML with Style Tutorials - WebReference.com
Simple, easy-to-understand HTML and CSS tutorials with examples and exercises meant for beginners as well as experts.

Countries of the World
Infoplease is the largest free reference site. Facts on world and country flags, maps, geography, Population, Economics, history, Government, Climate, disasters, events, and international relations.

Encyclopedia of Life
A new project to create an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet.

WebSpawner.com - The Complete HTML Reference Guide
This site has step-by-step tutorials, example codes, and the complete HTML Reference Guide to the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and reference guide, crossword puzzles and other word games, online translator and Word of the Day.

World Book
World Book Encyclopedia offers in-depth information including sections for parents, teachers, librarians, and students, topical features on current events, subjects studied in most classrooms, educational activities for children, and an online store.

Hyper Dictionary
An educational project to provide free dictionary services to any user on the web.

Construction WebLinks
A portal for the construction industry with profiles of and links to contractors, engineers, architects and owners as well as building codes, laws and reference resources useful for the industry.

Website Builder
Create a Website Quickly & Easily

Rosalind Millam Early Years
Training and Consultancy

Wheat Mentor Support Trust

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