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Earth portal
An online source for environment information with a science base, which comes with approval of its governing body, the Stewardship Committee of the Environmental Information Coalition (EIC).

Canadian Geographic
Provides access to the lists of content of the magazine and also provides a list of further links for published articles.

Aluka is an international, collaborative initiative building an online digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa.

Canadian Polar Commission
Responsible for "monitoring, promoting, and disseminating knowledge of the polar regions". The site includes information on the Canadian Polar Commission, and a link to the Canadian Polar Information Network (CPIN), and publications.

Institute of Australian Geographers
The principal body representing geographers and promoting the study and application of geography in Australia and provides information about the membership, activities, publications and resources of the Institute.

World Countries
World atlas with key facts on all countries, states and nations with photos, maps, flags, visual information about geography, history, people, demographics, government, economy, communications and transportation.

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Wheat Mentor Support Trust

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