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Genetics, Agriculture, and Biotechnology
This textbook provides an introduction to plant genetics and biotechnology for the advancement of agriculture. A clear and structured introduction to the topic for learners new to the field of genetics, including the life cycle of the cell and DNA.

Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care
This textbook is developed to ensure best practice and quality care based on the latest evidence, and to address inconsistencies in how clinical health care skills are taught and practised in the clinical setting to address processes for clinical skills.

Natural Resources Sustainability: An introductory synthesis
It is designed for freshmen through junior-level courses at community, junior and four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Focused upon the dilemma of environmental sustainability, geography and the emergent field of ecological economics.

Nursing Management and Professional Concepts
This book introduces concepts related to nursing leadership and management, prioritization strategies, delegation and supervision, legal implications of nursing practice, ethical nursing practice, collaboration within the interprofessional team.

The Science of Plants
This book is a great resource for an introductory-level class on Horticulture or botany, covering most of the topics usually addressed in a class at the undergrad level.

Engineering Systems, Dynamics, Modelling, Simulation, and Design
The content is designed for engineering students and professionals in the field to support their understanding and application of these methods for modelling, simulation, and design of engineering systems.

Corporate Governance
This textbook is designed to help students understand corporate governance by looking at the subject from both a macro- and micro-perspective challenges facing today's corporate boards, and how to successfully manage them.

Human Resource Management
This text also provides practical applications of theory relevant to today's workplace. In the real world, HRM leverages technology in every aspect of the job?from online training modules to technology for better managing flex-time workers.

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design
This course provides an overview of mechanical engineering design with applications to thermal and mechanical systems, and an introduction to current design practices used in industry.

Chemistry 2nd Edition
This textbook provides an important opportunity for students to learn the core concepts of chemistry and understand how those concepts apply to their lives and the world around them.

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