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An Introduction to Computer Networks - Second Edition
An Introduction to Computer Networksis a free and open general-purpose computer-networking textbook, complete with diagrams and exercises. It covers the LAN, internetworking and transport layers, focusing primarily on TCP/IP.

Unmanned Vehicle Systems & Operations on Air, Sea, Land
This book textbook covers the world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS).

Space Systems: Emerging Technologies and Operations
This book textbook covers the world of UASs / CUAS/ UUVs looking at the Dreamer region from three perspectives in the use of military, civilian and Humanitarian operations.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Cyber Domain - Second Edition
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are an integral part of the US national critical infrastructure. This textbook will fully immerse and engage the reader / student in the cyber-security considerations of this rapidly emerging technology known as UAS.

Cyber-Human Systems, Space Technologies, and Threats
This book addressess the technological future of the merging of cyber-human systems (robots, cyborgs, AI/ML, computers) with humans and apply these innovations to space operations and defense against threats that are concomitant with their development.

Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
This book constitutes the proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering - software development; distributed program and system analysis; software design and verification; specification and testing.

The Essence of Software Engineering
This offers a broad overview of research findings dealing with current practical software engineering issues and also pointers to potential future developments.

Managing Risk and Information Security
This textbook discusses business risk from a broader perspective, including privacy and regulatory considerations. It describes the increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities and offers strategies for developing solutions.

The InfoSec Handbook: An Introduction to Information Security
This book is intended to educate the average and experienced user of what kinds of different security practices and standards exist. It will also cover how to manage security software and updates in order to be as protected as possible from threats.

Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security
This textbook addresses this information gap from an Information Technology solution and usage-centric view of cloud infrastructure security and compliance challenges. Lincenced under (CC BY-NC-ND).

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