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Strategic Management
The textbook is ideal for courses which focus on how organizations operate at the strategic level to be successful. Students will learn how to conduct case analyses, measure organizational performance, and conduct external and internal analyses.

Corporate Governance
This textbook is designed to help students understand corporate governance by looking at the subject from both a macro- and micro-perspective challenges facing today's corporate boards, and how to successfully manage them.

Information Systems for Business and Beyond
This book introduces the concept of information systems, their use in business, and the larger impact they are having on our world.

Fundamentals of Business, Canadian Edition
This book introduces learners to the discipline of business with content appropriate for an introductory course and can be customised to meet a wide range of learning needs, and instructors can review and adopt the resources for use in their course.

Customer Centric Strategy
This book is about organizational transformation making the customer the focus for business decisions, processes, product development, services, and procedures.

Leading Innovation
This textbook provides guides to the economic, environmental, and/or social sustainability of an innovative initiative from its inception or idea generation through to its commercialization or implementation.

Small Business Management in the 21st Century
This book offers a unique perspective and set of capabilities for instructors with a ?less can be more? approach, and by treating small business management as a practical human activity rather than as an abstract theoretical concept.

Customer Insights - Second Edition
This textbook explores the concept of marketing research is being replaced with the term "customer or consumer insights" to ensure that the practice of data collection, analysis, and interpretation is presented from an industry perspective.

Good Corporation, Bad Corporation: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy
This textbook provides an innovative, internationally oriented approach to the teaching of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business ethics, exploring the social, ethical and business dynamics.

This textbook is intended for use in introductory Entrepreneurship classes at the undergraduate level. Theoretical and practical aspects are presented in a balanced manner, and specific components such as business plan are provided in multiple formats.

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